Our Story

Shena Humbert is a licensed technician who created Not Another Vet Nurse February 18, 2019, on Instagram following her own break from veterinary medicine. Due to physical and mental struggles it was difficult for her to return to a field she loved. NAVN was created as a means to find others who felt like her – burnt out, fatigued physically and mentally, unappreciated, and broken. To her amazement she was not alone.


One of the contributors to Shena focusing on suicide prevention and awareness is this person, Cenea Smith-Boykin. She had attended high school with Shena. She was an Air Force spouse, had her own business, beautiful children, and a smile always on her face. In 2018 she took her life. This forever changed her outlook on suicide.


Shena then created a private Facebook group for veterinary technicians/nurses all around the world. This is a safe space for veterinary technicians/nurses to share their stories, frustrations, successes, and get support from fellow technicians/nurses. This is a judgement free zone that is highly monitored.

Our Mission

Not Another Vet Nurse, Inc helps provide mental health financial assistance to veterinary professionals. Shedding awareness on mental health and suicide within veterinary medicine.


Vision Statement

We hope to reduce or end suicide within veterinary medicine worldwide. Not Another Vet Nurse (of any professional) shall lose their life at their own hands.


Did you know:

  • 1 in 10 Veterinarians has suffered from severe psychological distress
  • 1 in 6 have considered suicide
  • 1 in 5 have been a victim of cyberbullying
  • Veterinary professionals are 2.7x more likely to die by suicide


…and also:

  • 67% have experienced depression
  • 60% had a family history of depression, anxiety or substance abuse
  • 25% were taking medication for diagnosed anxiety or depression


It stops here!

We are committed to helping veterinary professionals see their worth and value, stand up for themselves and advocate for their mental health.